An innovative product for knee osteoarthritis

Here you will find detailed information on RenehaVis™. Please take some time to browse the sections below.

About RenehaVis™

RenehaVis™ is a 2-injection treatment (over a period of 2 weeks) for treating knee osteoarthritis.

It should always be administered by a trained medical professional and is given intra-articularly to the knee joint, into the knee synovial capsule (note: also known as the joint cavity).

RenehaVis™ is a patented dual chambered syringe containing 2 chambers of different Hyaluronic Acids (HA) that are administered sequentially.

  1. The first chamber contains a Low Molecular Weight HA in High Concentration.
  2. The second chamber contains a High Molecular Weight HA in Low Concentration.

RenehaVis™ reduces pain Faster and Better.
A clinical study has demonstrated that RenehaVis™ reduced pain during rest and weight bearing in a shorter period than other hyaluronic acids (HA) of either high or low molecular weight.

VAS scores were used for the measurement of pain experienced by patients. The lower the VAS score, the less pain the patient experienced.
- Injections were given at week 1, 2 and 3.
- Efficacy over other products can be seen by week 2 (2nd injection) with RenehaVis™.

RenehaVis™ helps to increase both the lubrication and shock absorbency in the knee joint.

RenehaVis™ helps also to stimulate the endogenous production of natural hyaluronic acid (HA) within the knee joint.

RenehaVis™ effects may last up to at least 12 months after a full treatment of 2 injections.