How long does RenehaVis™ last?

The duration of effect in patients with osteoarthritis has been demonstrated to be up to 12 months.

What grades of knee osteoarthritis is RenehaVis™ approved for?

RenehaVis™ can be used for grades 1, 2A and 2B. RenehaVis™ has not been approved for grade 3 knee OA.

Can I inject more than once in a week?

RenehaVis™ has been approved for use up to 3 administrations, once a week. Any use of RV out of this scope will be at the physician’s discretion.

Can the patient be administered other therapies concurrently with RenehaVis™?

There has been no proven clinical evidence on the safety and efficacy of concomitant administration of hyaluronic acid (HA) with other intra-articular products.
Other systemic therapies such as pain relief medication, local anaesthetics, corticosteroids, PRP or shock wave therapies do not interfere with the administration of hyaluronic acid (HA).

What is the molecular weight and concentration of the two hyaluronic acids in RenehaVis™?

The first chamber of RenehaVis™ contains: 2.2% of HA of an average molecular weight of 1 million Daltons.

The second chamber of RenehaVis™ contains: 1.0% of HA of an average molecular weight of 2 million Daltons.

What is the source of your hyaluronic acid (HA)?

RenehaVis™ is from the fermentation of bacteria, the manufacturing process of RenehaVis™ is covered by a patent as it is a process. The manufacturing process ensures the strictest level of purification and does not use any products from animals or of animal origins.

Can I use RenehaVis™ for osteoarthritis at other joints?

The use of RenehaVis™ for other joints has not been approved. Using it for other joints will constitute an off-label prescription and is at discretion of doctor.

Is RenehaVis™ registered?

RenehaVis™ has a CE certificate since Feb 2009 and is approved to be marketed in the EEC. Countries outside the EEC may need to undergo a registration or notification process, depending on the market.

Where can I find RenehaVis™?

We have a network of distributors worldwide. Please contact the distributor in your market or you may also contact us.